Two months ago a non-profit association, based here in Valais, launched a brand new website called La Récup' Valais. With financial support from its founding members and many hours of free time, the association developed a website where people can publish free ads for free items. 

La Récup' encourages people to give away items they no longer need to others in their community, whether in their commune or more widely within the Valais community. This encourages a community generosity that strengthens community spirit and prevents useful objects from being thrown away. 

The start has been remarkable. An average of 2,500 people visit the website each and every week, there's been over 400 ads for donations of unused but still useful items, many of which have been happily given to delighted recipients, and over 4,500 Facebook followers. 

Now it's up to you. If you'd like this project to continue its success, please: 

  • Use La Récup' exclusively to offer unused/unneeded items to other people (see Why Advertise on La Récup');
  • Tell as many Valaisans as possible about La Récup' so that they too can discover and use the site;
  • Talk to your commune about supporting La Récup' by providing links to their website, articles in their newsletters and flyers posted in prominent public places.  

For our part, we will continue to develop a quality website and give excellent customer service. In all circumstances, we will maintain our philosophy that everything is free, we will not use or sell your data for marketing purposes and we will not bombard you with unnecessary emails. 

We’re here for the people of Valais. No more, no less. Please take full advantage of this opportunity. 

To see ads on La Récup, please click here.

To publish an ad on La Récup', please click here.