When you’ve got something that you no longer want, what is the first thought you have? Could it be "the tip" or “sell it"? Or maybe "stick it in the attic, cellar or garage"? 

It's possible that the more enlightened among us are already thinking "who can I give it to?" or "who would be able to use this? In Valais, if we want to individually and collectively make a positive difference to our environment and our society, we have to start thinking more like this. Almost instinctively.

It's great when someone who starts out thinking of throwing it away stops and wonders if someone else could benefit from it. It's a great step forward if someone who starts out thinking "sell" questions themselves and decides that it would be nicer to give the item to someone else who needs it.

But it's a leap forward if, instead, we start by thinking "who can I give this to" - and if, and only if nobody wants it, we move on to the less attractive alternatives.

Think before you think. This is the quantum leap. Think La Récup' before you think "the tip" or “sell".

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